Corrugator Machine Heart Parts-Corrugated Roller,Pressure Roller

For Corrugated paperboard manufacturing machines, the most important machine is single facer, which is called as the heart of corrugated cardboard production line. SDW Fast Change Roll Single Facer is totally designed by Shengli Carton Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd, it can change the different flute corrugated roller to produce without stopping in 2-3 min. For single facer, the most important parts are five rollers : upper corrugated roller, lower corrugated roller, pressure roller, glue roller and doctor roller (wiper roller).

Corrugator Machine Heart Parts-Corrugated Roller,Pressure Roller

Corrugator Machine Heart Parts-Corrugated Roller,Pressure Roller

Notes of corrugated roller in corrugated cardboard manufacturing process:

Keep the balance of corrugated rollers.

Instal electric component between upper and lower corrugating roller in single facer to ensure them balance in running. Balance problems are the biggest damage for corrugating rollers, which can create machine vibration, eccentric wear or incorrect installation. To provent these issues, we should check corrugating roller balance reguarly. To accomplish this job, pls follow these steps :

When corrugating rollers are turning, input one piece of liner paper into the gap between upper and lower corrugating rollers, then take it out to check the marks, if the lines are parallel, that means good balance.

In single facer, the corrugating medium and outer liner are heated by steam to become soft and wet, then suitable to be corrugated and glued together. So the temperature on surface of corrugating rollers is key factor to influnce the quality of corrugated cardboard. If the boiler can’t achieve enough high temperature, the temperature in single facer and pre-heater cylinder is lower will make bad influencc to corrugated cardboard forming quality, and wear will be more if the workers increase the pressure.

Except the balance, we must keep the surface clean of the corrugating rollers. Normally the remaining glue and paper scraps will make the corrugated rollers dirty.If they are stayed at the surface, that will increase friction to damage the cardboard and makes negative effect on suction efficiency.