Corrugator Machine-SM Double Facer

18/20 heating plates , the surface of the machine is grinding, adopts concentrated gravity roller press,pneumatic section adjustment , hydraulic automatic lifting . The cotton belt adopts pneumatic tensioning , the upper belt adopts automatic correcting the error , the under cotton belt adopts manual adjustment. The temperature of the heating plate shows in three position (former,middle,back) , the frequency motor with variable frequency control from Taiwan.

  • A:Heating Unit :
  • Heating Plate: total 18 blocks, surface adopts grinding polishing treatment.
  • Heating plates meet the requirement of national standard for a class of pressure vessel, attached with pressure vessel inspection certificate.
  • Heating plate is equipped with pressure roller.
  • Lifting movement is controlled by hydraulic system ( attached with 4KW hydraulic station).
  • Steam pipeline is adjusted by manual.
  • Lifting up and down by inside gear box.
  • Main structure is made by 40# steel channel.
  • Upper canvas is equipped with automatic correction device.
  • B:Cooling Unit:
  • Upper canvas is equipped with two sets of tension regulators(pneumatic tension).
  • Lower canvas is equipped with one set of tension and horizontal adjustment regulator by manual.
  • C:Drive Unit:
  • Upper, lower drive rollers are coated with wear-resistant rubber, and processed into herringbone type, guarantee the good stability of corrugated cardboard.
  • Attached with on control box.
  • Main drive frequency motor is controlled by frequency converter.