Corrugated Single Facer with Two sets of Corrugated Rollers quick changing flute

The SDW1 and SDW3 single facer are totally designed by Shengli Carton Equipment Group, they are equipped with two pairs of corrugated rollers with different flute, switch the corrugated rollers in 15-30 seconds without stopping down the single facer, and resume production in 2-3 minutes.

Main features of single facer with two pairs of corrugated rollers:

  • Without paste fork negative pressure and inner vacuum type, both top and bottom corrugated rollers are made of alloy steel , through heating treatment and tungsten carbide treatment to increase the hardness.
  • Diameter of corrugated roller is φ320mm and φ360mm, thick and thin corrugated rollers as one pair, corrugated rollers are integrated with bears can lift up togther to change different flute corrugated rollers quickly.
  • Rotate the holding wall with corrugated rollers to change different flute production without breaking the liner paper.
  • Glue roller and wiper roller are moving horizontally by hydraulic cylinder on the slideway, easy to clean and maintenance. Glue consumption is adjusted electric, equiipped with corrugating medium spraying device.
  • The gap between glue roller and bottom corrugated roller, pressure roller and bottom corrugated roller is electric adjustment synchronously.
  • The glue consumption is adjusted by computer or manual, computer can adjust the glue consumption according the paramters : speed, raw material etc.
  • Independent drive unit with universal joint transmission, gears are made of alloy steel and through heat treatment to increase the hardness, main drive motor is frequency high speed motor, saving energy.