Corrugated Cardboard Making Machine-TJ Pasting Glue Machine

Roller pressure type, the height of the pressure roller adopt electric adjustment with pneumatic control , the thickness of the glue roller adopt electric micro adjustment with human machine interface. It adopts frequency independent control. It is equipped with break paper automatic detection unit , speed synchronous control match speed module ,the thickness of the glue adopt automatic control.

  • One glue roller and its surface is pressed with fine mesh concave flower and hard chromed.
  • Doctor roller and its surface is grinding and hard chromed.
  • Pressure roller press glue to corrugated medium.
  • Independent drive system(attached with geared motor).
  • Pressure roller is lifted by air pressure.
  • Pressure roller’s speed is adjusted by geared motor.
  • The gap between glue roller and doctor roller is adjusted by geared motor and displayed on touch screen, fine adjustment precision is 0.01-0.02mm.
  • Glue tank is made by stainless steel, easy to assembly and dis-assembly to clear.
  • When liner is broken or heating unit shutdown, pressure roller rises automatically.
  • The speed of glue machine is controlled by frequency converter and synchronize with heat plates.