Corrugated Cardboard Production Machine-GQ Overhead Convey Bridge

The lifting department adopt independent drive, automatic synchronous running, it adopt automatic aligner and automatically adjust paperboard neatly, on the bridge and ground two sets control

  • Main bridge structure is made by 20# steel channel, security bars are installed at two sides and sidewalk is paved by high-strength steel plates, two sets of ladders to protect workers.。
  • One climbing conveyor is installed above single facer to transfer single face corrugated board into bridge(attached with frequency motor).
  • One parallel conveyor transfers the single face corrugated board from single facer to double pre-heater.
  • Suction device adjust tension with frequency motor(attached with one suction fan).
  • Paper guide rod on suction device can be adjusted automatically by moving in line (attached with two geared motors).
  • Worker can adjust paper guide rod by operation box on bridge or control cabinet of glue machine on the ground.
  • All belt shafts and paper guide rollers surface is grinding and hard chromed.