Corrugated Cardboard Slitting Machine-ZQY NC Slitter Machine

Slitting and scoring adopt inverter controlled with the synchronize speed of corrugated line, four slitters and six scorers,arrange orders and sharpening knives automatically controlled by computer,adopt three kinds of slitting size and adjustment of gap automatically with electric conversion. Control system and electrical components from Taiwan.

  • Max slitting amount: Three folio (four sets of slitter, six sets of scorers).
  • Outside diameter of slitting blade is 270mm, scoring wheel is 220mm.
  • Min slitting distance is 135mm, min scoring distance is 0mm.
  • Upper slitting blade seat is lifted up or down by air pressure, no need to cut off cardboard or shutting down for replacing order.
  • The distance of slitting and scoring is adjusted by electric motor, up to 3-8 seconds to complete the adjustment job.
  • Enter up to 999 groups of size as order into control system and pick any one to produce according to customer’s demand.
  • Blade horizontal position is adjusted by screw rod.
  • Machine can be move horizontal 100mm by electric motor.
  • Reserved electric wastepaper suction space(dis-including broken fan and pipe).
  • Three kinds of scoring are switched by electric.
  • Slitting blade wheel,s scoring wheels are driven by frequency motors, can be synchronized with double face machine.