Corrugated PaperBoard NC Rotary Cutter-HQ NC Rotary Cutting Off Machine

Servo motors imported from Italy,stored multiple groups of order,changed without stopping machine automatically or manually, feeding and sending blanks adopt frequency control,tracking the production speed automatically. Control system and electrical components from Taiwan.

  • Single/Double layer rotary cutting off structure.
  • Adopt high quality industrial computer or HMI as computer control system.
  • Adopt AC servo motor as drive system, servo driver imported from Italy.
  • Ability to deal with 999 groups of order, change next order automatically and easy to operate orders.
  • Adopt rotary cutting off knives, higher efficiency with less cutting force.
  • Cutting knives are made of special steel material, have rational structure and long using life.
  • Adopt high accurate gear transmission system, gears are adopted to forging, roughing, finishing, heat treatment, grinding etc process.
  • Gears’ backlash is small, drive in low noise and high precision, rotate smoothly.
  • The length of cut-off board is 400mm – 9999mm。
  • Cutting precision is ±1mm.