Corrugator Machine-Glue Making & Recycling System

Supply starch glue for single facer and glue machine.
Horizontal glue machine is composed of body bucket and carrier bucket, which can produce body glue and carrier glue at same time then mix them.
Finished glue is pumped into storage bucket, and is mixing to prevent precipitating and freezing.
The glue is pumped from main storage bucket into each storage bucket beside the single facer and glue machine to supply glue for them.
Glue system supply cyclically and automatically, the glue flow on all glue rollers in single facer or glue machine, the remaining glue flows into tray under machine.
The remaining glue in tray is pumped into storage bucket and recycled again, avoid glue burning into solidified mass.
After shutdown, all glue in corrugated line units is pumped into main storage bucket for next work.
Pipeline and pumps are easy to clear and in rational structure.
Independent glue making system adapt small and different workshop.