Fast Change Roller Single Face/2 Ply Corrugated Cardboard Machine Manufacturer

Single face corrugated paperboard also called 2 ply corrugated cardboard is normal packaging material in our life. It’s soft and has good density. It’s always used to fill in the box and wrap on the goods to protect in the container.Single face corrugated paperboard is consist of two layer papers: liner and fluting medium.


No Name Quantity Description
1 YZJ1-1600 hydraulic mill roll stand 2 Sets Clip the paper , move left and right , lift up and down adopt hydraulic drive , the tension control adopts the single points brake. Clip the paper adopts inflated collect.
2 SZ-1600 trolley and rail 4 Sets The rail is 6 meters long
3 DW1-1600 Single Facer 1 Set Corrugated flute A/C/B/E flute, it is confirmed as the customer parameter.No past fork negative pressure absorption type. universal shaft coupling independent gear drive, corrugated roller diameter is Φ320mm, the surface is hard chromed.Both the up and down corrugated roller seat are whole installation. Pasting glue roller seat can slide out as a unit. Quantity of cement adopts electric micro adjustment with a touch screen display. automatic track the corrugated line speed to adjust the glue thickness device.All electric part (low voltage electric part,inverter, PLC ) adopts Schneider.
4 XY1-1600 core medium Pre-heater 1 Set The preheater diameter is Φ900mm. Electric adjustment for the heating area,the adjusting range is 60°~280°. The preheater cylinder driving by reducing speed motor.
5 MY1-1600 liner Pre-Heater 1 Set The preheater diameter is Φ900mm Electric adjustment for the heating area,the adjusting range is 60°~280°
6 GQ3-1600 Single Overhead Convey Bridge 1 Set The lifting department adopt independent drive, automatic synchronous running, it adopt automatic aligner and automatically adjust paperboard neatly, on the bridge and ground two sets control.
7 DLQ-1600 Computer Slitter & Cutter Machine 1 Set Slitting and scoring adopt inverter controlled with the synchronize speed of corrugated line, five slitters and eight scorers,arrange orders and sharpening knives automatically controlled by computer,adopt three kinds of slitting size and adjustment of gap automatically with electric conversion.Control system and electrical components from Taiwan.
8 DM1-1600 Computer Counting Stacker 1 Set Four sections of belt structure transfer vertically, tracking the production speed automatically. Computer counting and 90 degrees turning.
9 ZG -Ⅰ Steam System 1 Set Supply steam to each machine and dewater independently,unified backwater.
10 ZJX -ⅠGlue Making & Recycling System 1 Set Each using glue unit and glue storage unit adopt diaphragm pump automatically recycle
11 DK3-ⅠElectric Control System 1 Set All electric components are from Schneider / Delta / Fatek these famous brands.The main drive motors adopt inverter control.The amount of glue and speed controlled by PLC,adjusted and displayed on touch screen.The corrugated line is equipped with display shows speed and operating condition all time.