High Speed Flexo Printing and Slotting Die-Cutting Machine

GYW High speed corrugated carton flexo printing machine with slotter and die cutter is the top grade corrugated carton making machine, which can produce 180 pieces/min with lead edge vacuum feeder or 140 pieces/min with back kick feeder. For corrugated carton making process, the printing process is the most import, which is the biggest factor influence of carton outlook.

Our GYW Corrugated box printing machine can be equipped with slotting unit, die cutting unit and stacker, two workers put corrugated sheets on the feeding plate then the flexo printing machine can feed the stacked sheets into printing unit one by one.

GYW High speed flexo printer adopts Schneider electronic components from France.

The lead edge feeder and back kick feeder are optional.

The flexo printer is driven by helical gear which is through high-frequency quenching and grinding.

All rollers in GYW flexo printing machine are hard chromed to increase hardness.

Gear is lubricated by recycled spraying system.

The printing unit and feeding unit adopt PLC and touch screen to adjust the distance and speed. Motor is controlled by frequency conversion controller to achieve the high precision .

Module design to combine the number of printing unit easily.

No. 参数名称 Parametre Unit GYK1370*2800
1 机械内侧宽度 Width of inside machine mm 3000
2 设计速度 Maximum production speed mm 120 kick back 160 lead edge
3 最大进纸尺寸 Maximum size of feeding paper mm 1300*2800
4 最小进纸尺寸 Minimum size of feeding paper mm 400*700
5 隔张送纸尺寸 Feeding paper by partition mm 1600*2800
6 最大印刷面积 Maximum printing area mm 1300*2640
7 套色精度(双/三/四色) Precision of process printing (2/3/4color) mm ±0.5/±0.75/±1
8 标准印版厚度 Thickness of standard printing plate mm 6
9 可印刷纸板厚度 Thickness of printing paperboard mm 3—11
10 最小开槽间距 Minimum grooving space mm 190*50*190*50
11 最大开槽深度 Maximum depth of slot mm 340
12 模切开槽厚度 Thinckness of die-cutting plate degree 3—8
13 最大模切尺寸 Maximum die-cutting size mm 1300*2700
14 总功率(双/三/四色) Total power (double/three/four color) kw 19/22/27
15 外形尺寸:双色 Size/Double color mm 7000*5000*2400
16 外形尺寸:三色 Size/Three color mm 7500*5000*2400
17 外形尺寸:四色 Size/Four color mm 8000*5000*2400
18 总重(双/三/四色) Total weight of machine (double/three/four colors) ton 22/25/28